We Asked ChatGPT to Create a DeFi game for the Musk-Zuckerberg Fight

Here’s What Happened

Vyper Protocol
4 min readAug 9, 2023

It’s the tech world’s heavyweight title fight — Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla CEO, against Mark Zuckerberg, the helm at Facebook and IG (now Meta). They’re two of the most influential (and wealthiest) figures in the industry, both with their unique vision for the future. The feud, which reportedly started over differing views on AI, has since grown into a full-blown rivalry.

In the midst of this digital rumble, Vyper Protocol had an intriguing idea. What if we could create an game where users could speculate on it? Armed with this concept, we turned to ChatGPT, to help us build a platform just for that.

Building the UI with ChatGPT

We started by describing the app to ChatGPT. We wanted users to be able to pick their preferred contender, bet an amount between $0 to $10, and get the results based on the outcome. In the spirit of simplicity and efficiency, we chose React for building the UI, TypeScript for type safety, and Tailwind CSS for speedy, responsive design. The design was inspired by the popular crypto trading platform, Uniswap, favoring minimalism over excessive graphical elements.

With assistance from ChatGPT, we created two primary components: the `NumberPicker` and the `Slider`. The `NumberPicker` allowed users to select their preferred contender — Musk or Zuckerberg. Two buttons represented the choices, and upon selection, the chosen button would be highlighted. The `Slider` component enabled users to choose the amount they wished to bet. Lastly, we created a section to display betting rules and a disclaimer emphasizing the hypothetical nature of the app.

We tweak a little bit the elements by manually settings fonts, colors, borders and couple of other minor things. The final output is below, it looks very neat and clean, don’t you think so?

The UI of our app

Integrating with the Vyper Protocol

We now need to turn this into a web app, more importantly we need to turn it into a web3 app. We are using our backend — Vyper — with its remarkable smart contract capabilities, to turn it a full fledged decentralized app.

Vyper Protocol is an innovative protocol designed to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) by offering a comprehensive solution for creating, trading, and settling any kind of on-chain derivatives. It operates as a set of smart contracts deployed on the Solana and Arbitrum blockchains, known for their high scalability and low transaction fees.

Each contract on Vyper is abstracted away as a series of parameters, you can use any linear combination of the parameters to create new products/markets/events.

Example of products that can be created on Vyper are:

  • Derivatives trading and clearing
  • Lotteries and other RNG games
  • Event based games
  • Insurances
  • … And more!

For this specific example, there are only two possible outcome after the user chose his ‘warrior’, they either win or lose. An even with only two outcome is called a binary event. In financial terms this is also called digital option. Why the strike at 0.5 though?

  • If the user picks Musk and Musk wins, the contract settles at 1 which is greater than 0.5, and the user wins.
  • If Musk loses, the contract settles at 0 which is lesser than 0.5 and the user lose.

For the Musk-Zuckerberg fight we will use a pair of custom oracles built with Switchboard which returns 0 or 1 according to the outcome.

Custom oracle from Switchboard

Launching and Advertising on Twitter

With the app built and ready to roll, it is time to make some noise. Twitter, the heart of tech discussion, was our platform of choice for launch. We started by teasing the app a few days before release. High-resolution images of the UI and tidbits about the functionalities were shared. This initial buzz led to speculative threads and increasing curiosity among the community.

On the launch day, we dropped the URL. But it wasn’t just an announcement. We turned it into an event. We shared a series of Tweets, each highlighting different features of the app, how to use them, and how it was all just a speculative, fun event in the light of the Musk-Zuckerberg rivalry.

It wasn’t long before users jumped in, shared screenshots of their bets, and bantered about their chosen contenders. Notable figures in tech also joined in, retweeting and commenting. Our app was more than just a platform; it became a hub for discussions, debates, and even friendly banter.

In retrospect, this experiment proved to be a remarkable journey — from leveraging the power of AI in building a fun, interactive application, to stirring discussions on Twitter, it was an insightful glimpse into the intersection of AI, social interaction, and the dynamism of the tech world. While the Musk-Zuckerberg rivalry continues to evolve, so does our app, serving as an exciting platform to speculate on the outcomes of this tech world feud.



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