Vyper Protocol Announces Receiving 500'000 SRM Development Grant From Serum DAO

Vyper Protocol announces its application for a development grant of 500'000 SRM from Serum DAO has been approved. This confirms the outstanding quality of the project and the fact that what Vyper is building is needed now more than ever.

The team behind Vyper reveals how excited they are about the development grant approval. What makes it even more extraordinary is that the grant was approved following an on-chain vote via the Serum DAO with a solid participation from the community.

Feedbacks from user on Serum DAO

Vyper enables the creation of bespoke risk/return profiles on top of existing farming pools or any yield-generating asset. The first release will include yield farming and lending products gathering to both users with high risk appetite (yield-seekers) and users who want more protection (risk-lovers).

Live on devnet since last week, Vyper has been steadily working towards building the infrastructure to allow users to create, trade, and settle on-chain derivative, building new DeFi use cases and offering the greatest service.

In the first 48 hours on devnet we enjoyed a tremendous traffic:

  • 10'000+ unique page-views
  • 1'000+ users who tried the devnet
  • 400+ feedbacks


  • End of July 22: Devnet launch of Vyper Core and Vyper Vaults
  • End of September 22: Mainnet launch of Vyper Core and Vyper Vaults with synthetic liquidity
  • Q4 22: Serum integration and liquidity change of Vyper Vaults to Serum CLOB
  • Q4 22 — Q1 23 : Derivatives playground launch and Serum integration in Vyper Core



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Vyper Protocol

A DeFi primitive allowing users to create, trade, and settle any kind of on-chain derivatives 🐍 vyperprotocol.io