Join Vyper’s Snake NFT Program!
Complete our missions and Grab Your $TAIL!

  1. $TAIL Token, which will be awarded to users upon completion of a given task. We will run contests and accumulating token will unlock NFTs and other special rewards.
  2. Proof of ParticipationVYPER NFTs. The holders will be eligible to unlock a series of mysterious upcoming collectibles which will be released in the form of eggs first and which will then hatch (like real snake eggs!) into marvellous characters.
    Holding all the types of NFT will reward the owner with the most rare Vyper NFTs!


If you want to secure your $TAIL token and stay up to date with all latest developments from Vyper, we prepared for you different missions (and more will be added soon!), completing each mission will increase your chances of getting $TAIL tokens and participating in raffles to get exclusive rewards.
No cheating allowed!

Get started & let’s make new snake friends!

  1. Make sure to follow Vyper official Twitter Account @VyperProtocol (
  2. Retweet our post about the VYPER NFT Program
    and Tag three (3) of your friends
  3. Join our official Telegram channel:


This is the list of the challenges that we will do! Stay tuned and don’t miss any!


These are the tokens that you will get by completing each mission!


👇 Fill the Google form which is attached to every challenge👇

Let’s stay in touch!

Official Website:



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